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Yonex Super Grap grip in packet

In my opinion, a good badminton grip is as vital as a quality racket, especially in high-intensity sports like badminton where quick grip changes are a constant occurrence. I have found that changing my grip can instantly improve my game and I always come away thinking “Why didn’t I change this sooner?!”.

Here, we review Yonex’s best-selling overgrip – Super Grap, which has sold enough grips to wrap around the world five times.

Yonex Super Grap Review Top Trump Card - A Top Trump Style card to compare the categories we have ranked each grip in our review

Ideal For - tackiness and absorbancy



Launched in 1987, Yonex Super Grap has been a go-to choice for professionals for 26 years, enhancing playability by absorbing shock and moisture to give outstanding levels of feel and control. 

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TWe performed several tests and rated each grip we tested according to 7 different categories. We found that Yonex Super Grap excelled in all categories proving why it is still one of the best grips on the market even after all these years. To see how it stacks up against the others, check out our other article Best Badminton Grips.

Let’s see how Yonex Super Grap ranked during our in-house tests. All the grips we talk about have been bought, tried, tested, and scored out of 10 in each of our 7 categories to give you the best information for picking your next grip.

Tackiness - 9/10

What we thought

  • Extremely Tacky
  • Pros Choice

The tackiness of the Yonex Super Grap is brilliant. We found that it performed excellent in our tackiness test, allowing the person holding the grip to maintain a firm grip on the racket. It is no wonder that top players such as Fajar Alfian and Muhammad Ardianto use Yonex Super Grap for their rackets.

The Test

To determine how tacky (or grippy) the grips were, we had one person hold the racket on the grip side and the other person try to pull the racket out of their hand. Depending on how easy it was for the person holding the grip to hold onto the racket determined the tackiness score of the grip.

Testing the tackiness of the Yonex Super Grap grip

Comfort - 8/10

What we thought

  • Good Padding
  • Cushioned Feel
  • Shock Absorbing

Yonex Super Grap is not only tacky but also extremely comfortable to hold. With amazing padding and cushioning for an overgrip, you can definitely use this overgrip as a stand-alone grip, which is the way I like to use Yonex Super Grap. Yonex Super Grap gives excellent levels of comfort, control, and shock absorption, perfect for every aspect of your game.  

The Test

After re-griping the racket the team each held the racket and ranked how comfy the grip was to hold.

Yonex Super Grap grip on Racket

Durability - 8/10

What we thought

  • Durable
  • No Grip Movement
  • Tacky even after extended use

The durable nature of the Yonex Super Grap is very welcome. Standing up well to both our at-home durability test and my continued use of the grip, I am happy to say that the grip maintains good tackiness with minimal scuffs and abrasions even after weeks of heavy use. Not having to change your grip too often is a key consideration when choosing a grip, and Yonex Super Grap definitely ticks this box.

The Test

To test the durability of the grip, we used an exfoliating glove as an accelerated stress test, rubbed the grip for 30 seconds, and ranked them based on the amount of wear we saw on the grips.

Testing the durability of the Yonex Super Grap grip

Style - 7/10

What we thought

  • Lots of Colors
  • Range of 11 Colours 
  • Varied Access to Full Range

Not only does the Yonex Super Grap perform well on the court, but also allows you to express yourself with an expansive range of 11 different colors. You can simultaneously satisfy the athlete and fashionista within you with this grip. However, we found that color availability may vary from country to country, as we were unable to find every color available to purchase.

The Test

We ranked each grip from 2 to 10 based on the number of available colors and patterns that can be purchased for that grip.

Yonex Super Grap grip on Racket

Absorbency - 9/10

What we thought

  • Excellent Absorbancy
  • Tacky Even When Wet
  • Great for Sweaty Hands

In our tests, we found that the Yonex Super Grap performed brilliantly during the absorbency test. Only bested by the towel grips that are designed with absorbancy in mind, the Yonex Super Grap runs them extremely close and can definitely be used by those with sweaty hands. We found that the tackiness of the grip was not lost when we wet our hand, with the grip removing the water rapidly for a secure and not slippy grip. 

The Test

To test the absorbency of each group, we first put our hand in a bowl of water and gave it a shake-off to give a level of wetness to the hand that would simulate sweating. We then tested how this simulated sweat affect the grip.

Testing the absorbency of the Yonex Super Grap grip

Ease of Regrip - 7/10

What we thought

  • No Adhesive backing 
  • Instructions provided
  • Speed – 1 min 32 sec

Regripping the Yonex Super Grap was an easy process, featuring a pre-cut start position and finishing tape. Instructions are provided and the end of the grip is pre-cut but the grip is often longer than necessary and needs trimming down which can be tricky for beginners. In the speed test, it wasn’t particularly fast, coming in a joint 6th out of the 9 with its sibling, Yonex Hi-Soft Grap, the Yonex Super Grap took 1 minute and 32 seconds to change.

The Test

To determine how easy it is to regrip a racket using each grip, we took into consideration two factors. 

1) Whether or not instructions were provided when purchased and 

2) We performed a speed test to see how fast we could regrip a racket.

Price - 9/10

What we thought

  • Excellent Value for Money
  • Best In Class
  • Bulk buy available

When it comes to the price and its value for money, the Yonex Super Grap easily tops the pile! We found that you could purchase it from £2.99 to as low as £1.50 when bought in bulk, which for what you get, is absolutely incredible. The only minor downside is that the minimum quantity that you can buy is 3 grips. But still not the worst thing in the world!

The Test

As for price, we considered the actual price of one grip and the value of buying the grip in bulk. Then using these prices and by taking into consideration the scores of each category, we scored each grip on whether it was good value or not.

Yonex Super Grap Review Top Trump Card - A Top Trump Style card to compare the categories we have ranked each grip in our review

Overall - 58/70

Yonex Super Grap grip

Yonex Super Grap

The Yonex Super Grap is a 26-year veteran that has rightfully earned its place as a top choice among players.

This overgrip emerges as a go-to choice for players across various skill levels, from amateurs to professionals, owing to its exceptional tackiness, which ensures precise racket control during the most intense rallies. 

Its high comfort levels, attributed to impressive padding and shock absorption, not only elevate gameplay but also provide lasting comfort through prolonged matches or practice sessions.

The grip’s durability is impressive, maintaining its reliability and tackiness even after extensive use, promising longevity without frequent replacements.

Offering a range of 11 vibrant colors, it allows players to personalize their style. 

Its absorbency, particularly in wet conditions, is commendable, ensuring a secure grip for those with sweaty hands

Moreover, the Super Grap stands out for its fantastic value when bought in bulk, providing a blend of high-quality performance and affordability.

While lacking adhesive backing, its regripping process, though straightforward, may pose a slight learning curve for beginners.

In summary, the Yonex Super Grap Overgrip, with its exceptional tackiness, comfort, durability, absorbency, and cost-effectiveness, remains one of the top grips for badminton, catering to players seeking superior performance and reliability on the court.

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Is this your next grip?

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