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Wilson Overgrip

In my opinion, a good badminton grip is as vital as a quality racket, especially in high-intensity sports like badminton where quick grip changes are a constant occurrence. I have found that changing my grip can instantly improve my game and I always come away thinking “Why didn’t I change this sooner?!”.

Here, we review the Wilson Overgrip, a grip for those fashionistas who don’t want to break the bank.

Wilson Overgrip Top Trump Card - A Top Trump Style card to compare the categories we have ranked each grip

Ideal For - Fashionistas



A soft overgrip, more often used in tennis, the Wilson Overgrip is perfectly well placed to also be used in other racket sports such as badminton. 

Described as sporting durable material for long-lasting, consistent performance with an absolute abundance of colors and styles, we thought we would also put the Wilson Overgrip to the test in the badminton ring. 

We performed several tests and rated each grip we tested according to 7 different categories. We found that the Wilson Overgrip didn’t perform particularly well in most of the categories but was highly rated for style and price. To see how it stacks up against the others, check out our other article Best Badminton Grips.

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Let’s see how we ranked the Wilson Overgrip after our in-house tests. All the grips we talk about have been bought, tried, tested, and scored out of 10 in each of our 7 categories to give you the best information for picking your next grip.

Tackiness - 5/10

What we thought

  • Not Tacky
  • Smooth Feel 

The Wilson Overgrip isn’t as tacky as we would have expected this from an overgrip. Unfortunately, we found that the grip was quite slippy, affecting powerful shots as it lacks the grip for a secure hold and moves in your hand.

The Test

To determine how tacky (or grippy) the grips were, we had one person hold the racket on the grip side and the other person try to pull the racket out of their hand. Depending on how easy it was for the person holding the grip to hold onto the racket determined the tackiness score of the grip.

Testing the tackiness of the Wilson Overgrip

Comfort - 6/10

What we thought

  • Nice feel
  • Thin Overgrip
  • Shouldn’t use Alone

The Wilson Overgrip has a nice feel and texture to it. We found that the Wilson Overgrip is relatively thin meaning that there isn’t much padding on the grip which can be beneficial for those players whose style favors touch and deception. We found that as the Wilson Overgrip is thin, it shouldn’t be used as a solo grip and it should be used in combination with a replacement grip, a second overgrip, or applied over the top of your existing base grip.

The Test

After re-griping the racket the team each held the racket and ranked how comfy the grip was to hold.

Testing the tackiness of the Wilson Overgrip

Durability - 7/10

What we thought

  • Durable
  • White Marked Easily

The Wilson Overgrip demonstrated good durability, and the quality and reliability of the Wilson Brand is clear. However, we noticed that the white grip that we used got marked easily, just from being carried in my badminton bag.

The Test

To test the durability of the grip, we used an exfoliating glove as an accelerated stress test, rubbed the grip for 30 seconds, and ranked them based on the amount of wear we saw on the grips.

Testing the durability of the Wilson Overgrip

Style - 10/10

What we thought

  • Lots of Colors and patterns
  • Minion collab available

A standout feature is the Wilson Overgrip’s style variety, making it a go-to choice for players who want to match their grip to their racket. With numerous colors and even a Minions collaboration grip, Wilson caters to fashion-forward badminton enthusiasts.

The Test

We ranked each grip from 2 to 10 based on the number of available colors and patterns that can be purchased for that grip.

Absorbency - 4/10

What we thought

  • Poor Absorbancy
  • Slippy When Wet

Surprisingly, we found that the Wilson Overgrip performed poorly on the absorbency test. We found that it became very slippy when wet, so we would not advise the Wilson Overgrip for players with sweaty hands.

The Test

To test the absorbency of each group, we first put our hand in a bowl of water and gave it a shake-off to give a level of wetness to the hand that would simulate sweating. We then tested how this simulated sweat affect the grip.

Testing the absorbency of the Wilson Overgrip

Ease of Regrip - 7/10

What we thought

  • Second Slowest in Speed Test
  • Instructions provided
  • Speed – 1 min 38 sec

Regripping the Wilson Overgrip is a straightforward process, featuring both a pre-cut start position and finishing tape. Although it ranks second slowest in the speed test (though not by much), the grip’s ease of application compensates for the slight delay. 

The Test

To determine how easy it is to regrip a racket using each grip, we took into consideration two factors. 

1) Whether or not instructions were provided when purchased and 

2) We performed a speed test to see how fast we could regrip a racket.

Price - 7/10

What we thought

  • Cheapest 
  • Cheap to Test
  • Bulk buy available

The Wilson Overgrip is incredibly good value and the cheapest grip we have tested. Of course, it varies depending on the color and pattern you choose and whether you buy it in bulk, but we saw prices as cheap as 80p per grip when bought in bulk! For 80p you can get the prestige of the Wilson brand without breaking the bank.

The Test

As for price, we considered the actual price of one grip and the value of buying the grip in bulk. Then using these prices and by taking into consideration the scores of each category, we scored each grip on whether it was good value or not.

Wilson Overgrip Top Trump Card - A Top Trump Style card to compare the categories we have ranked each grip

Overall - 46/70

Wilson Overgrip in Packet

Wilson Overgrip

The Wilson Overgrip caters to players valuing style and affordability. With a vast array of colors and patterns, including a Minions collaboration, it allows players to express their personality on the court. 

While its tackiness and absorbency might not meet the standards of certain players, its durability, ease of regrip, and budget-friendly pricing make it a compelling choice for those entering the world of badminton grips.

In summary, the Wilson Overgrip is a cost-effective option for players seeking variety in style and the assurance of the Wilson brand. Its limitations in tackiness and absorbency are compensated by its durability and affordability, making it a worthy consideration for budget-conscious badminton enthusiasts.

If you want to see how it stacks up against the other grips we tested, check out our article Best Badminton Grips.

Is this your next grip?

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