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Victor Towel Grip

In my opinion, a good badminton grip is as vital as a quality racket, especially in high-intensity sports like badminton where quick grip changes are a constant occurrence. I have found that changing my grip can instantly improve my game and I always come away thinking “Why didn’t I change this sooner?!”.

Here, we review the Victor Towel Grip, which is a great option for those who have sweaty hands and enjoy the soft feel of a towel grip.

Victor Towel Top Trump Card - A Top Trump Style card to compare the categories we have ranked each grip

Ideal For - Players With Sweaty Hands​



The Victor Towel Grip is specifically designed for players who have sweaty hands causing their grip to become slippy and affecting their performance. The absorbant towel material helps absorb the sweat keeping your grip nice and dry.

If you don’t know what a towel grip is or want some more general information about grips, check out our article Everything You Need To Know About Badminton Grips.

We performed several tests and rated each grip we tested according to 7 different categories. We found that the Victor Towel Grip performed exceptionally well for all of the categories it was expected to, making it an option for those who love a towel grip. To see how it stacks up against the others, check out our other article Best Badminton Grips.

Let’s see how we ranked the Victor Towel Grip after our in-house tests. All the grips we talk about have been bought, tried, tested, and scored out of 10 in each of our 7 categories to give you the best information for picking your next grip.

Tackiness - 4/10

What we thought

  • Not Tacky – But not designed to be 
  • Soft Feel

The Victor Towel Grip doesn’t have a tacky finish but does have a soft feel. This is to be expected as the purpose of a towel grip is to absorb the sweat for players whose hands get particularly sweaty during play and find the other styles of grip become loose because they’re not designed to absorb the sweat.

The Test

To determine how tacky (or grippy) the grips were, we had one person hold the racket on the grip side and the other person try to pull the racket out of their hand. Depending on how easy it was for the person holding the grip to hold onto the racket determined the tackiness score of the grip.

Testing the tackiness of the Victor Towel grip

Comfort - 7/10

What we thought

  • Soft Feel 
  • 100% Cotton
  • Can Feel the Handle – Not Padded

The Victor Towel Grip is a soft grip that is made from 100% Cotton. As it is provided as a large roll of grip, there isn’t a specific length, meaning that you can make the grip as thick or as thin and as long or short as you require to make the grip as comfortable as possible for you. The Victor Towel grip isn’t padded and we were able to really feel the handle underneath the grip. This may be a benefit to you as you like to be able to feel every shot.

The Test

After re-griping the racket the team each held the racket and ranked how comfy the grip was to hold.

Victor Towel grip on Racket

Durability - 8/10

What we thought

  • Durable
  • Excessive Sweating May Lead to Excessive Wear

In our tests, we found that the grip showed good durability when looking at the grip itself. However, we did observe fibers on our exfoliating glove after the test. This may suggest that in a game situation, where sweat is also involved, the longevity of the grip may suffer. We also noted that after extended use, the fibers become compressed.

The Test

To test the durability of the grip, we used an exfoliating glove as an accelerated stress test, rubbed the grip for 30 seconds, and ranked them based on the amount of wear we saw on the grips.

Testing the durability of the Victor Towel grip

Style - 6/10

What we thought

  • 7 Different Colors
  • Red, White, Yellow, Purple, Orange, Blue and Black
  • Color Availablity may Vary

Definitely, enough colors out there for everyone to have their favorite. The downside is that the availability of every color to buy is not consistent.

The Test

We ranked each grip from 2 to 10 based on the number of available colors and patterns that can be purchased for that grip.

Vitor Towel Grip in Packet

Absorbency - 10/10

What we thought

  • High Absorbancy
  • Keeps the Hand Dry
  • Great for Sweaty Hands

This is where the Victor Towel grip excels. Designed to elevate comfort and performance during play by offering improved absorbency the Victor Towel grip lives up to expectations. After wetting my hand, the grip absorbed the simulated sweat with next to no change to the grip’s feel. This grip is definitely worth investing in if you have previously had trouble with other slippier grips due to sweaty hands.

The Test

To test the absorbency of each group, we first put our hand in a bowl of water and gave it a shake-off to give a level of wetness to the hand that would simulate sweating. We then tested how this simulated sweat affect the grip.

Testing the absorbency of the Victor Towel grip

Ease of Regrip - 7/10

What we thought

  • No Specific grip length – Can personalize to your requirements 
  • No instructions provided
  • Speed – 1 min 28 sec

As the Victor towel grip comes as a wheel, there isn’t a specific, already-decided length. This is a great feature as it means you can make the grip as thick or as thin and as long or short as you require, completely personalized to how you want your grip to feel. There are no regripping instructions that come with the grip and the speed of the regrip was average compared to the rest. The worst feature of the towel wheel is there is no pre-cut start or end and no finishing tape. This means you will have to cut these yourself, which can be tricky for beginners. However, the grip has full adhesive backing.

The Test

To determine how easy it is to regrip a racket using each grip, we took into consideration two factors. 

1) Whether or not instructions were provided when purchased and 

2) We performed a speed test to see how fast we could regrip a racket.

Price - 7/10

What we thought

  • Good Value
  • High Barrier to Entry – Have to Buy in Bulk
  • Color Availablity May Vary 

The price for a wheel of Victor Towel grip can vary, but we were able to buy one for £20.00. This means that, if you use the grip length of its rival, the Yonex AC402EX Towel Grip, which is 660 mm, you can get 18 grips from a 12 m roll. This means that, depending on how much grip you use each time, each grip works out to an incredible £1.11! However, the negative aspect of the Victor Towel grip is also that it costs £20.00, not a friendly price for those who want to test out a towel grip for the first time. In addition, color availability may vary, meaning you may have to pay more for the color you want.

The Test

As for price, we considered the actual price of one grip and the value of buying the grip in bulk. Then using these prices and by taking into consideration the scores of each category, we scored each grip on whether it was good value or not.

Victor Towel Top Trump Card - A Top Trump Style card to compare the categories we have ranked each grip

Overall - 49/70

Victor Towel Grip

Victor Towel Grip

The Victor Towel Grip is a unique and specialized option for badminton players who seek a soft, sweat-absorbing grip.

In our tests, it proved to be a reliable choice for those with sweaty hands who appreciate the feel of a towel grip.

While it may not excel in tackiness or provide padded comfort, it stands out in absorbency, keeping hands dry even during intense play. The Victor Towel grip excels at exactly what it intends to do, offering improved absorbency for those with sweaty hands. 

We found that the durability of the grip is generally good, though excessive sweating could impact it over time and the grip offers a variety of colors, but availability may vary. 

Ease of regripping had both positive and negative aspects with customizable grip dimensions but a lack of pre-cut start and end.

Despite some minor drawbacks, the Victor Towel Grip offers great value, especially when purchased in bulk, making it an economical choice for those accustomed to towel grips. Unfortunately, the price does not lend itself to those wanting to test towel grips for the first time.

In summary, the Victor Towel grip is a brilliant option for those who have sweaty hands and already know the virtues of towel grips. It is a cost-effective solution for those with sweaty hands who still want excellent performance.

If you want to see how it stacks up against the other grips we tested, check out our article Best Badminton Grips.

Is this your next grip?

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