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Serving Drills and Routines


Serve up success on the court with “Serving Drills and Routines”. With 14 different drills, this guide is your key to mastering the art of serving in badminton. With clear instructions, detailed diagrams, and different levels, this training program caters to all skill levels – from beginners to advanced players.

14 Drills and Routines

A comprehensive guide with 14 drills specifically designed to improve your Serve.

Scalable & Varied

Adaptable drills for beginners to advanced players with 6 different levels and 20 variations.

Clear Instructions

Easy-to-follow instructions with detailed diagrams.

Fun and Engaging

A wide variety of drills, including Paired and Feeder Drills. So you can also have fun while improving! 

Dynamic Training

Prevent monotony for coaches; inject dynamism into routines.

Easy to Use

Download the guide as a PDF and take it anywhere!


Tired of your serve going into the net? Or is your opponent killing your serve before you even get a chance? Then our “Serving Drills and Routines” training guide, is just the thing you need for perfecting one of badminton’s most crucial shots.

Featuring 14 expertly designed drills and routines, totaling 20 dynamic variations, and 6 different levels, these drills and routines are perfect for refining your technique and getting that perfect serve.

The drills are designed help you to enhance your placement, control your nerves, and above all have fun! And thanks to the varying levels, the guide enables players of all levels to benefit. Clear instructions and detailed diagrams accompany every drill, facilitating easy understanding and implementation.

Whether you’re a beginner trying to gain that advantage over your mates or an advanced player seeking that perfect placement, our “Serving Drills and Routines” provides the tools you need to experience rapid improvement regardless of your current skill level.

At just £4.99, this investment in your potential, your performance, and your passion for badminton is a small price to pay for the immense rewards it brings. Don’t settle for anything less than Serving perfection – unlock your potential today with “Serving Drills and Routines” from Strings and Paddles.


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