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Drop Shot Drills and Routines


Want a Drop Shot that leaves opponents scrambling forward but don’t know how to train? Then our “Drop Shot Drills and Routines” is just what you are looking for. This guide, featuring 21 drills with clear instructions and detailed diagrams, caters to all skill levels – from beginners to advanced players.

21 Drills and Routines

A comprehensive guide with 21 drills specifically designed to improve your Drop Shot.

Scalable & Varied

Adaptable drills for beginners to advanced players with 58 different levels and 26 variations.

Clear Instructions

Easy-to-follow instructions with detailed diagrams.

Fun and Engaging

A wide variety of drills, including Paired and Feeder Drills. So you can also have fun while improving! 

Dynamic Training

Prevent monotony for coaches; inject dynamism into routines.

Easy to Use

Download the guide as a PDF and take it anywhere!


Elevate your game and leave opponents scrambling forward from your deceptive Drop shot thanks to our meticulously crafted “Drop Shot Drills and Routines.”

Designed to transform your Drop shot from good to exceptional, picture yourself effortlessly executing the perfect Drop shot. With 21 expertly curated drills and routines, totaling 26 dynamic variations, with a massive 58 different levels, these drills and routines are perfect for everyone.

Each drill and routine is expertly designed to enhance precision, control, and tactical understanding, ensuring that players of all levels can benefit from targeted practice. Clear instructions and detailed diagrams accompany every drill, facilitating easy comprehension and implementation.

Whether you’re a beginner looking to add finesse to your game or an advanced player seeking to sharpen your skills, “Drop Shot Drills and Routines” provides the tools you need to excel on the court.

At just £4.99, “Drop Shot Drills and Routines” from Strings and Paddles is an investment in your potential, your performance, and your passion for badminton. Don’t settle for mediocrity when greatness awaits. Unlock your badminton potential today.


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