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Clear Drills and Routines


Can’t get your clear to the back line of the court? Then our “Clear Drills and Routines” are just what you are looking for. This guide, featuring 18 different drills with clear instructions and detailed diagrams, caters to all skill levels – from beginners to advanced players.

18 Drills and Routines

A comprehensive guide with 18 drills specifically designed to improve your Clear.

Scalable & Varied

Adaptable drills for beginners to advanced players with 50 different levels and 22 variations.

Clear Instructions

Easy-to-follow instructions with detailed diagrams.

Fun and Engaging

A wide variety of drills, including Paired and Feeder Drills. So you can also have fun while improving! 

Dynamic Training

Prevent monotony for coaches; inject dynamism into routines.

Easy to Use

Download the guide as a PDF and take it anywhere!


Take your game to new heights with “Clear Drills and Routines” from Strings and Paddles. Designed to enhance your control and precision in executing your Clear, this comprehensive guide is your key to mastering one of badminton’s fundamental techniques.

Featuring 18 carefully curated drills and routines, totaling 22 dynamic variations, across a massive 50 different levels, this training guide teaches you the way to Clear perfection.

Each drill is strategically designed to improve your timing, power, and accuracy, empowering you to dominate rallies with confidence. And thanks to the varying levels, the guide enables players of all levels to benefit. Clear instructions and detailed diagrams accompany every drill, facilitating easy understanding and implementation.

Whether you’re a beginner learning the fundamentals or an advanced player looking for that perfect length, our “Clear Drills and Routines” provide you with the tools you need to experience rapid improvement regardless of your current skill level.

At just £4.99, this investment in your potential, your performance, and your passion for badminton is a small price to pay for the immense rewards it brings. Don’t settle for anything less than Clear perfection – unlock your potential today with “Clear Drills and Routines” from Strings and Paddles.

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    Can’t wait to try these out

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