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9 Different badminton grips

You might be surprised to find that choosing the right grip for your badminton racket is as important as choosing the right shoes, strings, or racket. Your badminton racket grip often reflects your style of play and can help you maximize your performance. The right grip can also help to absorb sweat, ensuring maximum comfort and performance throughout the game. Plus, let’s not forget all the different colors that they come in for you to express yourself.

Here we have tested and reviewd 9 of the Best Badminton Grips to make a comprhensive article to help you make an informed decision when it comes to choosing your new badminton grip. 

We have rated them based on 7 key factors

  1. Tackiness
  2. Comfort
  3. Durability
  4. Style
  5. Absorbency
  6. Ease of Regrip
  7. Price

We will share our research to help you find the best grip for your badminton racket.

All of the grips in this article have been bought, tried, and tested by us and we scored them for our 7 categories to give you the best information for picking your next grip.

Best in Class

BEst For Tackiness

BEst For Beginners

BEst For Comfort

BEst For Sweat

How we Tested them


To determine how tacky (or grippy) the grips were, we had one person hold the racket on the grip side and the other person try to pull the racket out of their hand. Depending on how easy it was for the person holding the grip to hold onto the racket determined the tackiness score of the grip.

Testing the tackiness of the Yonex Super Grap grip


After re-griping the racket the team each held the racket and ranked how comfy the grip was to hold.

Testing the tackiness of the Dunlop Viper Dry


To test the durability of the grip, we wore an exfoliating glove, rubbed the grip for 30 seconds, and ranked them based on the amount of wear we saw on the grips.

Testing the durability of the Yonex Hi-Soft grip


We ranked these 2 to 10 based on the number of available colors you can purchase the grip in.

Raquex Overgrip


To test the absorbency of each group, we first put a hand in a bowl of water (gave it a shake-off) to simulate sweating, then tested how tacky the grip still was when holding it.

Testing the absorbency of the Victor Towel grip

Ease of Regrip

To determine how easy it is to regrip a racket using each grip, we took into consideration two factors.

1) Whether or not instructions were provided when purchased and

2) We performed a speed test to see how fast you could regrip a racket


As for price, we took into consideration the actual price of one grip and the value of buying the grip as a bundle. Using the price and rankings from the other categories, we scored each grip on whether it was good value or not.

Yonex Super Grap grip in packet

The Grips

PU Grips

Karakal PU Super grip 

Dunlop Viper 

Yonex Hi Soft

Raquex PU Grip 


Yonex Super Grap

Raquex Overgrip

Wilson Pro Overgrip 

Towel Grips

Victor Towel Grip

Yonex AC402Ex Towel Grip

Best PU Grips

Karakal PU Super grip

The Karakal PU Super Grip is a popular choice among badminton players. In fact, it is one of the go-to grips for all racket sports players, thanks to its excellent performance and durability.

Like all the grips in this category, it is made from a polyurethane material, which provides a good balance of tackiness and comfort.

We found that the Karakal PU Super Grip ranked high in all of our tested categories and offers a secure and non-slip feel, helping you to maintain a firm grip on your racket even during intense rallies.

Not only is it amazingly functional, but one of the standout features of the Karakal PU Super Grip is its style with a variety of colors and patterns that is rivaled by none. 

It is also known for its exceptional durability, outlasting many other grips on the market. This can be a cost-effective choice for players who don’t want to frequently replace their grips.

In summary, the Karakal PU Super Grip is a reliable, long-lasting, and stylish choice. Its balance of tackiness, durability, and comfort makes it a preferred option for many players. 

Is this your next grip?

The Others

Yonex Hi Soft

Raquex PU Grip

If you want more information and a deeper dive into each grip see the full article by clicking on each card.

Best Overgrips

Yonex Super Grap

Yonex Super Grap is a highly regarded option for badminton players for its exceptional quality and performance and is in fact currently my grip of choice. Backed up by our real-world tests, it is known for its combination of comfort, tackiness, and durability.

One of the standout features of the Yonex Super Grap is its excellent sweat absorption. After putting our hand into the water the Yonex Super Grap felt like it instantly wicked away the water at absolutely no cost to its tackiness. This ensures that your grip remains dry and provides a secure hold even during intense rallies.

With a variety of colors, incredible tackiness, absorbency, durability, and ease of installation, it is no wonder that Yonex Super Grap tops the chart for Overgrips and is also the best value for money out of all the grips we tested.

Is this your next grip?

The Others

Raquex Overgrip

Wilson Pro Overgrip

If you want more information and a deeper dive into each grip see the full article by clicking on each card.

Best Towel Grips

Victor Towel Grip

One of the primary reasons people choose a towel grip is its exceptional sweat-absorbing properties. As badminton is a physically demanding sport, players who sweat profusely during a match need an efficient way to absorb sweat.

In steps the Victor Towel which effectively absorbs sweat and can help players maintain a firm and non-slip grip on their racket. This is crucial for control and accuracy during gameplay.

Although it appears to rank low on the other aspects that we tested, it does beat out its rival in this test, the Yonex AC402Ex Towel Grip.

Often towel grips are like marmite. For non-British readers, this means you either love them or hate them. So, although we have ranked The Victor Towel grip just over average and not the grip for me, it may be the grip for you. So why not try it out and see if you will tout the towel or become a towel tribute? 

Is this your next grip?

The Others

Yonex AC402Ex Towel Grip

If you want more information and a deeper dive into each grip see the full article by clicking on each card.

The Summary

Here we have rated and reviewed 9 different badminton grips, giving you our honest and unbiased opinion. 

After reading our review, I hope you can see that your grip is an important aspect that you shouldn’t ignore if you want to improve your game. 

It is very important to note that there is no “right grip” for a badminton player, only what is right for YOU. When you re-grip your racket, it will be different from the next person. Don’t let anyone tell you that you have the wrong grip, as it may be right for you.

It’s important to keep in mind that individual preferences and experiences may vary and though we have ranked these grips the way we have, you may disagree. We would love to hear from you about which grip is your favorite and what you do and don’t agree with in this article. 

If you want more information about badminton grips check out our article here

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